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The Inu-Killer

Mishka Token is a (mostly) friendly, community-focused ERC-20 cryptocurrency with a taste for competition.

Drop your Inu Coins.

Take your $MISHKA to the moon.

Why Mishka?

Powered By Community

MISHKA is 100% decentralized and is run by our community of Inu Killers. 


This Bear Beats Bots

Mishka Token stops harmful automated bot traders from selling or transferring their $MISHKA, forever locking their Ethereum into the ecosystem. We call this technology HoneyBot, pioneered by FTP Anti Bot.

Donate Teddy Bears

0.2% of every transaction is added to a charity wallet to donate teddy bears to children.





1 Trillion




🤖 Human-Friendly

• FTP AntiBot Realtime Detection
• No Buy/Sell Cooldown
• 2% Max Wallet Size

🔒 Rugpull Proof

• Liquidity Locked For 1 Year
• Security Audit Complete
• Buyback Marketing Wallet

❤️ Low Fees

• 2% Dev Fee
• 2.8% Marketing Fee
• 0.2% To Charity Wallet

💯 Trusty Launch

• 100% of Total Supply in LP
• 25 ETH Initial Liquidity
• 25 ETH Vested Buyback

🧸 Donate Teddy Bears

• $MISHKA Branded Teddy Bears
• Gifted To Children In Need
• PR With Every Donation

🚀 Big Vision

• Strong Marketing Backgrounds
• Strong Dev Backgrounds
• Deep Industry Connections

Live Price Chart




Automated bot traders are often responsible for destroying crypto ecosystems. Our HoneyBot technology allows bots to purchase Mishka Token, but does not allow them to sell or transfer. This effectively burns the tokens that Bots have purchased, removing those tokens from supply forever, while additionally benefiting holders through the permanent addition of Ether into the liquidity pool, permanently raising the value of the Token. Automated bot detection was pioneered by FTP Anti-Bot and monitors buy and sell activity across the ERC-20 network to indentify automated bot traders.



Have you ever wanted to send a message to another wallet? MishkaMail is a properietary technology that allows you to notify anonymous wallets that they have a message waiting to be read. When you write a message, MishkaMail sends 777 $MISHKA from your wallet to the recipient, notifying them they have a message to read.

We have an upgrade queued that improves the user experience of MishkaMail. For now, you can play with the feature in our contract. Just hit the “Write Message” function.



Mishka’s vision is to make cryptocurrency safe and easy to use on a global scale. 99% of newcomers give up trying to set up a wallet, deposit ether, and perform a swap.

The MishkaSwap platform is the foundation on which we will build the DeFi Ecosystem of Mishka. It will feature effortless, user-friendly, and (dare we say it), fun decentralized trading.

Use MishkaSwap

Debit Card Purchases


Metamask and TrustWallet have a reported base of about 10 million users. With 7 billion humans on this planet, we have a long way to go for mass adoption. We believe that debit card purchases of ERC-20 tokens are an under-looked opportunity in the crypto space..

Mishka is making it easy to plug into DeFi with the ability to buy $MISHKA tokens with your debit card.

Purchases are secured with 3D Secure verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode



Most chart tools out there contain loads of information unnecessary for the layman. Stats are jumbled together and users are distracted by trending scroll bars, advertisements, and the agenda of the chart platform.

With our Charts platform, you can very clearly see the most important information you need to know about your investment



Clearly see your $MISHKA value, gains, and interest earned from staking and holding.

Cross-Chain Transfer


To further address the issue of accessibility and cost (and to cut down on the potential for scams on other blockchains), $MISHKA is working on integrating with other blockchains (such as Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, AVAX, Huobi, and KCC) using what are known as “Cross-Chain Bridges.”
This means that as Mishka is integrated into other blockchains, the current supply of coins will never increase. Instead, the current supply will seamlessly move back and forth between the respective blockchains.



In order to reward holders of the $Mishka token, we are working on a system that will incentivize holders based on the length of time that they hold.
When you stake on our platform, you will gain our staking token $HUNNY. The $HUNNY token is pegged to the value of $MISHKA and will serve as a governance token to future utility.

eCommerce Integration


The ultimate value of any crypto currency is its utility and use-cases. One of the most sought-after use-cases is having the ability to spend your coins on real-world items – we are tackling this by bringing Decentralized Shopping to $MISHKA holders.

The Mishka Team has decades of experience in marketing and eCommerce, and have already established several contracts with various eCommerce websites to be able to spend your $MISHKA on real world swag.

In order to make sure that there are no issues, we are working on integrating $MISHKA spending into a neat Shopify plugin and will be testing it on our MishkaSwag store before opening the floodgates to our partners.

How To Buy

1. Get a MetaMask Wallet

Download the Chrome browser MetaMask extension and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your wallet.


2. Fund Wallet

Option 1: Buy with Debit Card

You need Ethereum to buy and sell tokens. Fortunately, MetaMask makes it easy to buy directly with your debit card.

To do that, simply open up your wallet, click on the Assets tab, click ETH, click on Buy, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Option 2: Transfer from Coinbase

If you have a Coinbase account, you can always send Ethereum directly to your wallet.

Watch this helpful video for instructions.

3. Swap Ethereum for Mishka

Option 1: Swap with MishkaSwap

Now for the fun part! We developed MishkaSwap to be easy to use. Simply visit the Swap page (www.mishka.to), connect your wallet, and make a swap!

Option 2: Swap with Uniswap

You can always swap with the more traditional method. Simply visit Uniswap, connect your wallet, and make a trade!

Watch this helpful video for instructions.

Meet the Team

Teddy B.

4 Years Business Management
8 Year Cryptocurrency Veteran

Barry Handsome

12 Years Marketing & Design
5 Years Software Developer

Boo Boo Bear

34 Year Software Developer
6 Active Businesses
God-Like Programmer

Yogi Bear

2 Active Businesses
3 Year Influencer Marketing Experience
Lean & Limber

Papa Bear

4 Active Businesses
40 Years Operations Experience
Friendly But Strong

Smokey Bear

Telegram Community Manager
Meme Lord
Generally Friendly


We ❤️ our community.
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The Inu-Killer

Take your Mishka to the moon.

Launched Monday, July 5th.

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